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The GIDEON Infectious Diseases module provides a chronological listing of ALL reported outbreaks – for every relevant disease in every country.

As of April 2017, the app includes details on 21,500 pandemics, epidemics and case clusters – from the Black Death, through the Spanish Flu … SARS, Ebola, Zika …

These lists document outbreaks by year and country, and are updated every day.

Outbreaks are presented under the Distribution Tab of the Diseases Module

The following example lists outbreaks of Typhoid fever reported in the United States.  This and most other charts are prefaced by descriptive “Talking Points”

Talking Points

  • The best known case-clusters of typhoid fever in history were those ascribed to Mary Mallon (“Typhoid Mary”), a chronic carrier who was responsible for 9 outbreaks (54 cases, 4 fatal) in the New York area during 1900 to 1915.
  • 55 outbreaks of typhoid and 6 outbreaks of paratyphoid were reported during 1945 to 1947 – accounting for 6.1% of food-related outbreaks (1.8% of outbreak patients).
  • Three outbreaks (44 cases) of typhoid were reported in 1951; 22 outbreaks (156 cases) in 1952; 12 outbreaks (75 cases) in 1953; 16 outbreaks (92 cases) in 1954; 5 outbreaks (36 cases) in 1955; 4 outbreaks (70 cases) in 1957  ; 5 outbreaks (43 cases) in 1959; 4 outbreaks (48 cases) in 1960; 1 outbreak (7 cases) in 1966; 3 outbreaks (51 cases) in 1967.
  • 60 outbreaks of typhoid were reported during 1960 to 1999 – 54 of these (total 957 cases, 4 fatal) following exposure within the United States.

Note that a chronological listing of all reported typhoid outbreaks for the United States appears in the lower right box.  Outbreak details include year(s), region, setting, number of cases and deaths, source of the outbreak and affected population.   Clicking on the year will expand any given outbreak to present further details.  Clicking on the  message will expand all of the listed outbreaks, as depicted in the following screen shot:

Clicking on the blue reference numbers (43 through 54 in this screen shot above) will display source reference details:


All Outbreak charts can be sorted by the user by clicking on column headings.  For example, clicking on    will produce this chart:

… while the most deadly outbreak in U.S. history (Philadelphia, 1906)  is displayed when we click on 

A full listing of outbreaks for any disease can be accessed by clicking on the Outbreaks icon 

Outbreaks are also displayed in the GIDEON Travel module.

The following figure lists all recorded outbreaks of disease relevant to travel.  The lower right box displays the date(s) for the latest recorded Dengue outbreak in Kenya.  Clicking on this link will display a chronology of dengue outbreaks in Kenya.