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GIDEON contains maps which follow the global status of every disease in the program.  Under the Diseases tab in the Infectious Diseases module, click on the ‘Distribution‘ tab and then click on the blue globe icon: .  If you wish, you can “zoom in” on a specific region or country, and access relevant country-specific notes by clicking on the red dots. These maps can also be printed or transferred into PowerPoint or other programs for individual uses.

Here we see the distribution tab text note for Clonorchiasis < Worldwide >. Note the globe icon in the green area at the upper right.

By clicking on the icon you can display the following map:

The distribution maps contain links to individual country-specific notes. For example, below is a worldwide distribution map for Plague:

When we zoom in on Cambodia, we can click on the red dot and display the corresponding note:

Scenarios concerning maps