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Diagnosis Compare

Often users omits certain signs and symptoms that could narrow down the differential diagnosis. The Diagnosis Compare feature generates a list of additional clinical findings that helps reach a more precise diagnosis.  Check selections to compare in the Diagnosis results:

Compare is accessible from Diagnosis Results by clicking on Compare button. Compare displays a graphic presentation of only those symptoms or signs which distinguish between the compared diseases. This list is optimized and ranked in order of the presence of the positive symptoms for each disease. Optimization is useful in saving time, cost, and labor. Only those tests that hadn’t been selected in the Clinical Summary will be displayed.

The comparison comprises two or more columns, depending on the number of diseases being compared. See image below. The left column lists the signs and symptoms. The columns to the right display the names of each disease.

The legend in the lower right corner explains the signs used in the graphic presentation:

  • The signs + or - indicates that that symptom or reaction occurs more than 80% or less than 20% of the time, respectively, for that disease.
  • Symptoms that occur between 20-80% (variable percentages) are denoted by a V.

The buttons at the top right of the chart are:

  • Close Close Compare table.
  • Print Print Compare table.
  • Email Email Compare table.