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Cross-Border Events

An exhaustive listing of all disease events (2,200 as of April 2017) associated with movement of patients, vehicles or pathogens appears in the “Worldwide” notes for relevant Infectious Diseases.   For example, this chart presents all published episodes in which a traveler (student, expatriate, etc) from one country acquired rabies in another:

As in the above, most charts are prefaced by general “Talking points”

Additional details are accessed by clicking on either the year for a specific episode, or 

Events are displayed chronologically, but can be resorted by simply clicking on the column headings.  For example, I’ve re-arranged the Rabies chart by clicking on 

Note that all cases associated with imported dogs are now grouped together.

These lists also include disease outbreaks associated with imported foods or other vehicles.   In the following chart, I’ve selected for relevant Salmonellosis outbreaks by first sorting on  and then selecting