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One-stop resource for data on Infectious Diseases – for research, education, and diagnostics. Increase accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in your work.


Having multiple key functions, GIDEON provides easy access for not only infectious disease epidemiologists but also epidemiology students and individual specialists. Trusted by organizations all around the world.

All Your Infectious Disease Epidemiology Data in One Place and at Your Fingertips

Explore Module

The database provides information on 26,000+ historical outbreaks and cross border events, 86,000+ surveys, and 23,800+ country-specific notes.

Quantify Module

Mix and match 38,000+ graphs to generate your epidemiological charts. Our GIDEON API is a new service that allows for programmatic data retrieval and processing.

Unique Infectious Disease Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


GIDEON is packed with unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Developed collaboration with hundreds of medical scientists, microbiologists, public health professionals, epidemiologists, and students from 26 countries.

GIDEON is updated every day by a team of highly regarded medical scientists. These scientists follow a rigorous Evidence-Based approach through a multi-step process.

Imagine having convenient access to data on hundreds of diseases, drugs, and bacteria, from across the world, dating back from as far as the 1920s. Everything is here on GIDEON ready for your research.

Create Custom Infectious Disease Charts

Discover a massive epidemiological database – with outbreaks going back to 1348 AD. Also available for programmatic integration via our API.

Combine 38,000+ graphs to create epidemiological data charts. Compare statistics, discover trends, gain insight. Generate side-by-side comparison tables of user-selected infectious diseases, drugs, and pathogens.

Unique Geographical Data

We have a dedicated geographical distribution dataset for each Infectious Disease, which defines the endemic countries and provides country-specific notes as well as an in-depth analysis of global distribution.

Additionally, it is an excellent teaching tool for Biology, Microbiology, Public Health, and Medical students and Residents.

Unified Up-to-Date Infectious Disease Data

The depth of our database and the amount of data on Infectious Diseases – their history, geographic spread, and treatment – is unprecedented, as we integrate all publicly available data sources…and much more.

We have also developed the GIDEON API which allows you to leverage a direct feed of continuously-updated information between our service and your own processes and tools.

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