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At a Hospital, University (Medical, Public Health, Undergrad), Corporation

GIDEON can help

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    One of a kind comprehensive database covering all Infectious Diseases, in every country

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    Decision support tool for diagnosing diseases and identifying organisms

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    Updated almost daily with latest outbreaks

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    Data supported by over 30,000 Graphs and 430,000 References


    • “Medical library patrons should have ready access to GIDEON, especially for the bioterrorism simulator feature. In a crunch, it could be a lifesaver. … Moreover, it is an excellent example of artificial intelligence, also useful for education. The bioterrorism simulator is a strong reason to have GIDEON available in all medical centers and available to their users from their offices or via wireless from their laptop computers. Not many people have seen the signs and symptoms diseases due to probable bioterrorism agents. GIDEON should also be available to EMS people and local health departments, who could be among the first to use it if there ever is a bioterrorism event.”

      Cedric Garland, M.D., UCSD

    • “Just had a chance to look at the images – Awesome!! I’ll have to get the word out in my next newsletter! Thanks so much for the update; this is an incredible resource!”

      Sally Bremner, Health Science Librarian, University of Alaska

    • “Our BIO faculty have been pleased with this product, as well as our librarians!”

      Stephanie Allen, Faculty Librarian, South Mountain Community Library