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Educator: Medical, Nursing, Public Health, Biology Courses
Student: Medical student, Resident, Fellow, Microbiology Student, High School Student

GIDEON can help

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    Interactive teaching tool that students love

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    Incredibly easy to use

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    Makes learning fun by running multiple simulated scenarios


    • “With today’s computer literate students, I was looking in the internet for a supplement to Bergey’s Manual of bacteriology, when I came across GIDEON … I currently use GIDEON in two classes, microbiology and a follow-up seminar on emerging infectious disease.”

      George Bazinet, Professor, Siena College

    • “GIDEON is an excellent teaching tool for medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, and others interested in enhancing their knowledge base and diagnostic skills in travel and tropical medicine. It is also useful to busy clinicians with high volume travel/tropical medicine practices as a diagnostic tool for complex problems.”

      Robert E. Dedmon, MD MPH FACP FACOEM, Retired VP Medical Affairs, Kimberly-Clark

    • “GIDEON is truly incredible and the students, TAs and I love using it. We are very happy to renew the institutional subscription each year … Could not run my microbiology lab without using GIDEON.”

      Monika Oli, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida

    • “[GIDEON] was very helpful for a project I had to do – identifying an unknown bacterium! It is great, I love it!”

      Amanda Zomp, Student, Campbell University

    • “I logged on to the GideonOnline site…way beyond fantastic. I just became chair of the Pathophysiology Dept. at VCOM and this site will change the way we teach our course and will change the way the students will study and learn. I love the site…totally user friendly, comprehensive and so international.”

      James R. Palmieri, PhD, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • “GIDEON is a useful tool to introduce informatics to students who are completing a traditional unknown project as part of a microbiology lab course. The tool allows students to enter the results of their staining and biochemical tests to generate a probable list of species.
      It can be used in conjunction with traditional flow charts found in lab manuals and/or the information available in Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology. I highly recommend the use of GIDEON for not only identification purposes but also for research related to individual species.”

      Jacqueline M. Krueger, Biology Instructor, Olive-Harvey College