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Personal notes

Personal Notes are available in each of the three modules:

  • Infectious Diseases: contains two personal note options
    • In the first option (in the main window), you can add information regarding a specific patient whose signs and symptoms you have already entered. Such information might include the patient’s name, telephone number, ongoing medications, prior illnesses, and insurance and billing data, etc.
    • In the second option (in the Diagnosis information window), you can include information on a disease, local or hospital experience with a specific disease, incidence, important telephone numbers, details regarding prior cases of the disease, and printed or electronic articles.
  • Microbiology: contains two personal note options:
    • The first (in the main window) allows for recording of additional information regarding an isolate that you wish to save in the module.
    • The second (in the Microbiology information window) is for insertion of additional information, for example a specific taxon (Bacteria, Yeast, Mycobacteria), local experience, details regarding submission of specimens, and important contact personnel.


  • Text can be copied into the custom notes from any site in your computer, such as a word processor, the internet, computerized indices, e-mails, or hospital charts.
  • You can also save your notes using the button next to the Notes box.
  • In the Institutional version, this option is not available.