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Reference links in Drugs and Vaccines

Reference links have arrived to the GIDEON Therapy related modules: Drugs and Vaccines.

Every drug and vaccine includes relevant clickable reference numbers that link to relevant source abstracts in peer-reviewed journals.


For example:

2014 series of GIDEON eBooks

The 2014 GIDEON ebook series has been released.

This edition incorporates all content added since publication of the last series. Country-series eBooks now include the vaccination schedules for every reporting country as an extra chapter.
Additionally, four new volumes have been added to the series.

Titles now include:

Country series (231 volumes)
Disease series (188 volumes)
GIDEON Guide to Antimicrobial Agents
GIDEON Guide to Vaccines
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Bacteria
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Yeasts

The four newer titles incorporate content from GIDEON’s Drugs, Vaccines, Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Yeasts modules. These and all other eBooks in the series are updated annually

These ebooks are available on the GIDEON eBooks website as well as through distributors such as EBSCO and Ingram.

Compare diseases, drugs or pathogens

One of the most important functions of GIDEON is to help users prepare scientific articles, teaching material and other publications (see the Fingerprint case of the month). A new feature now allows users to create custom-designed charts which compare the features of two or more diseases, drugs or pathogens.

For comparison of key clinical and epidemiological features of infectious diseases, in the Diseases tab, click on a disease (step 1 in the image below), and – while holding down the control button – click on other diseases of your choice. Now click on the Compare button (step 2).

Choosing diseases to compare
Choosing diseases to compare


Linking between modules

We’re continuing our progress in making it easier to find the information you’re looking for in GIDEON with minimal effort. We have added a new feature in the Microbiology module that link relevant organisms to their drug susceptibility and appropriate vaccines as demonstrated by the highlighted links in this screen shot of the Vibrio Cholerae general tab:
Microbiology Vibrio Cholerae information
These new links are in addition to links added in the past connecting between disease organisms to microbiology and typical therapy to drugs, vaccines and pathogens.
For example see the links from the Anthrax disease general information tab screen shot below, to the Microbiology organism (Bacillus anthracis), Therapy (eg: Ciprofloxacin) and Anthrax vaccine:
Anthrax general disease information

Text search enhanced with case and video

You can search for keywords in GIDEON using the text search feature. Searches case of the month provides some examples, available as a video as well.
Search box

Text search launches

GIDEON has always emphasized ease of use by allowing complete usage without any need for a keyboard by only using a mouse. Today we broke our rule to enable text search through GIDEON. As search has become more popular, it has become the user experience many people feel comfortable with when using the web.

Search will initially display results from our Epidemiology and Therapy modules and will extend to all content in GIDEON, including Diagnosis. See how easy it is to search with GIDEON.