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Archive for the ‘Microbiology’ Category

Microbiology Text search

One more feature enabled by the microbiology module makeover is support for text search. Search results for organisms will show up in regular text search. Now you can search for all GIDEON main keywords from the text search box, unifying all the information.
We have some more work: index all the text and images and maximize the value of search in GIDEON.

Right click as “no”

Left click = Yes, Right click = No
Ever since we launched the web version of GIDEON, our CD customers have requested that in Diagnosis and Microbiology Identify, marking symptoms and tests should enable the right click to select “no”.
Well finally this now works. Left click will rotate from Yes Yes mark to No No mark to blank. Right click will rotate in reverse from No No mark to Yes Yes mark to blank.

Microbiology make over

Based on feedback from users, we’ve updated the Microbiology interface to provide a consistent look and feel like the Epidemiology module. Instead of the “Characterize” button that displayed the popup list of pathogens, the list can be accessed as a tab, as displayed in the following image: New Bacteria Tab
This change enhances usability, as it reduces the number of pop ups and clicks required to find the information. Additionally, it enables deep linking to the Microbiology content from search results.