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Case of the month

We’ve received frequent request for one page examples of how to use GIDEON. “Case of the month” is an area of the website that demonstrates various aspects of GIDEON. Each case includes a PDF document that can be used as a handout.
For example, the case “West Nile Fever” – Staying in Real Time shows how to use GIDEON to keep track of the latest information regarding West Nile Fever globally.

Visualize disease rates with Graphs

One of the most powerful features in GIDEON are the graphs. They allow for both visually displaying the data available in GIDEON and for interactively creating an endless number of comparison graphs. They are available in 2 sections of the epidemiology module:

1. Country notes – There are over 20,000 graphs (with more than 300,000 data points) in the disease country notes, which follow the incidence, prevalence, death rates and many other parameters of every disease in GIDEON. Each incidence graph also displays the disease rate of the country based on the population that year.
See some examples in the description of the Graphs feature.

2. Graphs tab in Epidemiology. This is a module for selecting up to 6 datasets to compare the graphs of cases and rates of diseases from different countries.