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Thigh Lesion … in a Thai Farmer

A disease simulation using GIDEON’s diagnosis module

A 45 year old Thai farmer develops severe pain and swelling of the right leg.  Symptoms began several weeks after he had begun work to clear out swampy undergrowth next to his village.  The entire right leg is cold and swollen, and an ulcer is present on the inner aspect of the thigh. What is your diagnosis?

The clinical findings were entered into GIDEON in the tab of the Infectious Diseases module:

The Diagnosis results are shown in the lower right-hand window of the screen:

Have you ever heard of Pyomyositis?

If the disease name is clicked, GIDEON displays disease notes, distribution information, images, rare clinical findings and clinical descriptions:

Pyomyositis is just one of the 347 diseases covered in GIDEON – many of which have been diagnosed in only a handful of patients, or in a single country!

The following is distribution information about Pyomyositis in Thailand, accessed through the tab:

Worldwide distribution information can be found by selecting Worldwide from the list, or by clicking on the icon: