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Searches in GIDEON

GIDEON consists of an extensive number of data areas devoted to text, maps, images, graphs, charts, etc. In order to help users navigate quickly through the program, a Search box is located at the upper right-hand margin:

GIDEON text search for "japan"

The Search option is designed to access and display all areas of GIDEON that may be relevant to any disease, drug, vaccine, country name or organism – including alternate and synonym names for the selected term. For example, in the below picture, the words “Japanese encephalitis” have been typed into the Search field.   After clicking the  button, the following screen appears:

A total of 135 links within GIDEON are displayed, with instant access to data on Japanese encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis vaccine, relevant maps, outbreaks and surveys.

The Search box is designed to access relevant links, even when the user inadvertently misspells a search term. For example, typing the word ‘neumonia’ instead of ‘pneumonia’ will produce the following page:

The relevant links [blue lettering] now allow the user to proceed to the intended topic.  For example, if the first link (Pneumonia – bacterial in Worldwide) from the previous example is clicked, the user will be taken to the following screen:

See Diagnosis Search on how to diagnose with the search box.

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