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Reptile Salmonella

Kids, Iguanas and Tummy Aches

Exploration of GIDEON’s Diagnosis Module and Outbreak feature

One day, Raymond brings Pedro – his pet iguana – to show-and-Tell. Two days later, five of Raymond’s classmates complain of fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. What happened? Is Pedro involved?

Raymond’s doctor asked GIDEON. First, the signs and symptoms are entered under the tab in the Infectious Diseases module:

The differential diagnosis in this case is displayed in the lower right-hand box labeled Diagnosis results:

Usually, the differential diagnosis for a diarrhea outbreak contains a long list of diseases – but Raymond’s doctor specified that this particular outbreak was related to contact with Pedro, the iguana. Just to be sure, the doctor selects all three diseases listed in the Diagnosis results by clicking on the check boxes on the left hand side, and then selects the button.  The resulting list offers him several additional clues which might be helpful in ruling out the two other possible diagnoses:

How unique is this outbreak? Let’s access a list of all Salmonellosis outbreaks reported, worldwide.

First, click on the icon for Salmonellosis in the Diagnosis results window, and click on Outbreaks from the list in the top window:

You can also access outbreak information in the Infectious Diseases module by selecting the tab, and scrolling down to the disease name in question.  In the right hand column, select the tab and then highlight Outbreaks from the list in the top window.  A chronology of over 1,097 such outbreaks appears in the lower right hand box:

Clicking on the name of the country of interest — in this case, the United States — displays an exhaustively researched and referenced discussion of the epidemiology of Salmonellosis in America – including outbreaks associated with iguanas and other reptiles: