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Itch On Bali

Case of the Month: Getting an Itch on Bali

Health Professionals often work at a hectic pace, with little time to scroll through computer screens and menus. For this reason, GIDEON has added an option for rapid symptom entry in the Diagnosis module. The new option is the search box at the top of the screen.

Let’s say that your patient has returned from Bali with an itchy rash. He does not complain of runny nose. Note that symptoms and country name can be entered in any order into the Diagnosis box: “itching rash bali no runny nose.”  The absence of runny nose may indicated as either “no runny nose” or “-runny nose.”

A few terms which are not available in the standard GIDEON diagnosis entry screen were purposefully selected. Nevertheless, GIDEON is designed to recognize common synonyms for signs, symptoms and country names. Thus, when you press Search icon (the search icon to the right of the Diagnosis box), GIDEON translates “itching rash bali no runny nose” into “pruritis Indonesia no rhinitis:”

… and automatically generates a differential diagnosis list:

Note: The Infectious Diseases and Therapy search functions still work by choosing “Search” to the left of the search box:

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