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Exploring the practical applications of GIDEON

One of the most exciting options in GIDEON is the option, found under the   tab in the Infectious Diseases module. Using this facility, you can generate a list of diseases which fulfill specific criteria.

For example, let’s say that you wish to prepare a student hand-out or syllabus for all tick-borne infectious diseases.

After accessing the  module, select the button and scroll down to ‘Tick’ in the Vectors list:

Results are displayed in the lower left-hand window, and disease information is displayed in the right column:

As noted at the bottom of the Results list, there are 28 Tick-borne diseases worldwide.

To prepare your syllabus, simply select the listed diseases, one by one, and click on the print icon (in the upper right-hand corner).

The resulting screen looks like this:

As each successive screen appears, you can copy it to Word, PowerPoint, or other suitable programs as necessary.

The fingerprint option also allows you to further restrict these disease lists.

In the following example, I’ve asked GIDEON to list all of the tick-borne, viral diseases of Kenya:

Or if, for example we want GIDEON to list all of the Trematode parasites acquired by eating fish in Taiwan: