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Vesicular Rash and Arthritis in a Child

Exploring the Diagnosis module of GIDEON

Although primarily designed to generate a ranked differential diagnosis list for patients with infectious disease, the GIDEON module can be used to examine focused clinical scenarios.  For example, how many infectious diseases are capable of producing vesicular rash and arthritis in American children?

Select the required signs and symptoms:

The lower right-hand box will display the differential diagnosis results based on the criteria selected:

How about the same signs, in Australia?  Simply change the country to Australia in the Country drop-down menu in Clinical Presentation window:

Again, results will display in the Diagnosis results window:


…and Finland

Perhaps you need more information about a few of the diseases listed in the Diagnosis results window, like Ross River, Barmah Forest, Ockelbo or Pogosta.  The corresponding icon indicates that GIDEON contains specific distribution information about the disease.  In the previous example, clicking on the icon next to Varicella opens distribution information about the disease in Finland:

Additionally, you can even compare these diseases on a single graph.  To compare selected diseases and locations, enter the Infectious Diseases module and select the   tab.

Next, select the button and select the diseases to be compared on the graph.  The selected diseases are displayed in the upper-right hand box, Selected Graphs, and up to six may be selected for comparison.

Once the selections have been made, simply press the   button: