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Diagnose Anthrax

GIDEON offers a wealth of information including bioterrorism information for selected diseases.  The following disease simulation was performed using GIDEON’s Bioterrorism simulator.

The bioterrorism simulator is found in the Infectious Diseases module, under the   tab.  In the Clinical Presentation box, open the pull-down menu labeled Country and select Bioterrorism Simulator:

Then, mark all observed symptoms in the Clinical Presentation window:

The results automatically display in the Diagnosis results window in the lower right-hand box:

An icon indicates that there is a bioterror note for that disease. If the icon is clicked, the note opens in a new window.  For example, when the bioterror note for Anthrax in the above example is clicked, the following information is displayed:

Additionally, diagnosis results can be compared by clicking on the checkbox next to the disease names and then clicking the button.  Using the example above, Anthrax and Melioidosis were selected for comparison with the following results:

GIDEON is simple to use and provides additional information as required.