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Testing the new GIDEON – what did clinicians say?

Testing new GIDEON app on different devices

It is GIDEON’s mission to provide robust support to clinicians, microbiologists, and educators that interface with the infectious diseases field. As such, consulting with our users when developing the product is paramount to ensuring GIDEON continues to meet their expectations. On 12th August GIDEON closed its last alpha testing round, dedicated to gathering feedback on the brand new ‘Diagnose’ module. Medical experts from 26 countries have explored the new interface and shared their thoughts on what works and what can be improved.


Alpha is an early release of a major product upgrade. Our first alpha testing round was focused on displaying our extensive database in a brand new ‘Explore’ module. The second one was geared towards clinicians who may use GIDEON in Point-of-Care settings to diagnose infectious diseases.


The comments were overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of them:

I just had a look and I am blown away both diagnosis modules. They are fantastic!

The product speaks for itself.

Having tried and tested each of the modules, GIDEON does a good job in making it quick and easy for a healthcare professional to access accurate and up to date information and that is the beauty and success of GIDEON.

The look and feel are great.

GIDEON remains an outstanding and easy to use, up to date resource. Commendable. Well done.

We are so grateful for all the positivity as well as constructive criticism – it will make the product better for everyone.


A full beta release is currently planned for mid-September. It’s the same GIDEON data that you know and love, but like you’ve never seen before! The beta will include our brand new Lab module, designed to assist microbiologists. Check out a sneak-peek below:

GIDEON Lab module displayed on a landscape white iPad

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