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Dr. Stephen Berger on why COVID-19 is different for men than women in Healthline article

GIDEON founder, Dr. Stephen Berger was recently interviewed about gender disparities and COVID-19. Experts have been watching the data in Europe and have found that 68% of the COVID-19 deaths have been among men. And in New York City, men have been dying at twice the rate of women, according to the city’s health department.
Dr. Berger says genetics, preexisting conditions, and bad habits may be to blame.

“Some of the underlying reasons why COVID-19 may be more deadly for men than women may include the fact that heart disease is more common in elderly men than in elderly women,” Dr. Berger told Healthline. “Studies also find that high blood pressure and liver disease are more prevalent in men and these all contribute to more negative outcomes with COVID-19.”

Dr. Berger also explained that habits, like smoking, can negatively affect lung health, which may play a key role in COVID-19’s impact on men. He said that in China, for example, smoking is more popular among men, which could result in chronic lung disease. This puts them at a much greater disadvantage should they contract coronavirus. 

You can read the entire article here


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