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GIDEON eBooks 2018 Edition

The 2018 edition of GIDEON ebooks has expanded all content, graphs, maps and references based on extensive updates in the GIDEON web application.

New Cross Border events have been added to notes where cases have been imported to and/or exported from that country.

A few of the iconic ebooks in this series:

  • Infectious Diseases of the World – provides a review of every human infectious disease in the world, including disease distribution maps.
  • Global status of [any infectious disease] – the perfect reference source for Clinicians and Epidemiologists.
  • eBooks which provide detailed and up-to-date information on every anti-infective drug and vaccine – key references for every health-care worker.
  • A complete encyclopedia of all human bacteria and yeasts – a must for any laboratory or health-care student.
  • GIDEON Guide to Outbreaks – the most comprehensive list of outbreaks available anywhere.

Available for purchase through:

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