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Outbreak at Konkut University: MERS-CoV infection ?

An outbreak of pneumonia has been associated with The School of Veterinary Medicine at Konkut University.  This institution is surprisingly close to Konkut University Hospital, where a number of patients were recently treated for MERS CoV infection.   In the following campus map, the Veterinary School and Hospital are denoted by numbers 15 and 30, respectively; and number 12 identifies the Animal Science School.


Significantly, a paper published by the school in 2007 suggests that at least some of the veterinary staff have been involved in work with camels. [1]

Have these patients been tested for MERS CoV infection?


1. Abd El-Aty AM1, Goudah A, Shah SS, Shin HC, Shimoda M, Shim JH.  pharmacokinetic variables of moxifloxacin in healthy male camels following intravenous and intramuscular administration. J Vet Pharmacol Ther. 2007; 30:586-91

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