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Updates, Maps and Contents tabs makeover

As part of our recent ongoing effort to give GIDEON a newer, more functional look, we’ve added Updates and Contents Tabs.


GIDEON is updated every several days and each update includes a summary of what’s new. It consists of  3 sections: Index, What’s New and Maps.

  • Index: Left side tree with the most current and prior updates sorted by date.
  • What’s New: The list of items updated with links directly to the relevant content.
  • Maps: A map that displays the Outbreak (red dot) and Country (blue dot) notes that have been updated. Clicking on the dots and the relevant disease links directly to the note.

Updates was formerly a link called “What’s New”. A summary automatically appears in blog posts and on twitter, so please subscribe for the latest updates.


Contents is a table of contents and statistical summary of all the GIDEON content, that is current with each update. It consists of  3 sections: Content Lists, Item content and Synonyms.

  • Content lists: Content summary and GIDEON modules and sub-modules in a tree format
  • Item content: For each item in the tree, displays content list. For example, Infectious Diseases – Diseases, displays a list of all the Infectious Diseases with links directly to those diseases.
  • Synonyms: Shows lists of related synonyms for item if they exist. In the example above, all the Infectious Disease synonyms are listed, linked to the diseases in GIDEON. In the case of Drugs and Vaccines, the trade names are listed.

Contents and Updates will display in GIDEON’s application if you’re logged in, otherwise as part of the website.
Some screenshots below:

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