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Pre-travel feature enhances GIDEON for Travel Medicine

Infectious Diseases – Travel

Traditionally GIDEON has been used by Travel Medicine practitioners, who have loved the detailed country information for the various diseases affecting travelers. Their main suggestion was to add more pre-travel information that could be provided to travelers at consultations. We’re happy to announce that we listened and have now launched a new Travel tab in the Infectious Diseases module.

The left side of the Travel section includes the general Region of travel in the upper box, and specific countries in the lower box:

Selecting a specific country lists relevant information in the right-hand column of the Travel section.   The general pre-travel information is provided by region and is divided into Professional, Traveler, and Diseases sections:

The Professional tab is for health practitioners and is based on content from the CDC Yellow book. Links are provided directly to relevant disease information in GIDEON:

The Traveler tab is traveler friendly content from the CDC Traveler’s health destination guide. Links are provided to additional information from the CDC:

The Diseases tab displays the list of all the relevant diseases that have additional information for travelers to the selected country. The content is presented briefly as a “mouse over” and can be accessed more thoroughly by linking to actual country note for the specific disease:

As with all the information in GIDEON, you can print and email each section information. This will be very useful to serve your travelers that want a hard copy of the information or a soft copy via email.

“Traveling with GIDEON” is a new case of the month that demonstrates how to use the Travel tab and includes a video.

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