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Los Angeles software company empowers tsunami relief effort

Infectious Disease Knowledge Management Tool Donated to U.S. and International Relief Organizations for Real Time Access to Life Saving Medical Data in the Field.

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2005– Los Angeles-based Gideon Informatics, Inc., creator of the premier infectious disease knowledge management tool, has responded to the tsunami crisis by donating access to the firm’s online software application to relief workers across the globe. With access to information on over 300 diseases and treatment options in 224 countries, Gideon’s donation of one-year subscriptions to the database is being very well received in the relief community.

“As we work in 61 countries, the extensive Epidemiology section has been most helpful to those of us who deal with diverse and sometimes obscure medical problems” says Dr. William Morton-Smith, Chief Medical Officer of Direct Relief International, “At Direct Relief International, we have been searching for a vehicle that will aid health care workers around the world with diagnosis and treatment, and Gideon has been most helpful. Many thanks.”

The World Health Organization’s medical relief teams are also utilizing the Gideon software.

Health agencies are already rallying to avert what they call an impending “health disaster” due to the outbreak of several rare diseases, such as tetanus. Gideon is helping by providing valuable, real-time information on diseases, some of which have never been encountered before. In addition to tetanus, the tsunami could spawn new strains of cholera and melioidosis, a rare but serious infection common to tropical regions such as Southeast Asia. The acute form of human melioidosis carries a 40% to 50% mortality rate. Gideon contains extensive information on melioidosis, tetanus and cholera including: images, symptoms, clinical notes and treatment options to help relief workers identify and treat these outbreaks as efficiently as possible.

Gideon anticipates granting access to more relief organizations over the next several weeks and CEO Uri Blackman is hopeful that ultimately all medical relief workers will have access to the product.

“I’m proud that Gideon has the opportunity to make a difference during this crisis, and hearing the words of appreciation from relief workers further proves our faith in the product and its capabilities,” says Blackman, who founded the company with his partner, Dr. Steve Berger over ten years ago.


About GIDEON Informatics, Inc:

GIDEON ( is a medical informatics company specializing in decision support systems that help medical professionals and educators to overcome information overload and increase the efficiency of their diagnostic procedures. Founded in 1993, GIDEON is a privately funded corporation whose customers include medical schools, hospitals, public health departments and governments in over 40 countries.


Jan 25, 2005 – Published in Business News – Los Angeles

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