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“Apples and Oranges”

Several areas of GIDEON allow the user to compare the clinical features, microbiology and epidemiology of related diseases. Such comparison charts are ideal teaching tools, which can be generated within seconds and sent to PowerPoint, Word, E-mail, and lots more.

For example, you want to prepare material on three zoonotic (animal-related) diseases of the United States - Plague, Tularemia and Brucellosis.

Using the Diagnosis Module, we can construct a chart contrasting some of the key Clinical and Epidemiological features of these three diseases:

Now, let's compare the relative incidence of these diseases in the United States:

At this point, you may also wish to copy / paste the extensive country-specific notes for these diseases.

What is the worldwide distribution of plague and tularemia ?

Let’s compare the bacteriology of etiologic agents …

….pictures of infected patients, details on related vaccines, treatment… and much more!

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